Since 2004, working for all kinds of advertising agencies and studios with a multidisciplinary knowledge and experience in the fields of printing, digital and motion.
TAVO believes that the concept and story are the most important part of the project, taking care of every detail, inch and second of the piece.
A dynamic team, adapted to the needs of each project, working for worldwide brands in Europe, USA and Middle East.



OFFF Barcelona 2002
Motion Graphics for Antena 3 Television, organized by CdeC
Istituto Europeo di Design.2008
Istituto Europeo di Design.2010
Domestika Meetings 2010
Facultad de Bellas Artes of Cuenca, UCM 2010
MadInSpain 2011
Inspirational Event 2011
Club de Creativos, Tertulias 2011
Fette l’Anim Francia 2013
Utopicus Conferencias. Abril 2013
Typo_Mad 2013
Tour Inacap 2014 Chile

Exhibition & Books

OFFF Barcelona 2002
Instalacion CUBE, Caja Navarra 2003
Arround European Logos 2005
Jury Select H Indexbook
MadInSpain 2007
Diesel Catwalk Milano 2009.
Jury “Anuario de creatividad del CdC” 2009
Select G Select Europe 2010
MadInSpain 2011
Inspirational Event 2011
WeMadeThis Book
Pause Fest Australia 2013
Typo_Mad 2013
Art Director Club Miami
Laus Awards 2014 Book & Jury


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