55DSL Catwalk “Love”

For the launch of the new fashion collection spring/summer of 55DSL (Diesel) 2009 in Milan Fashion Show, I got invited to take part of creating a 2 minutes video that it would be projected in the event, during the fashion show. They invited many studios to partipate and distributed the videos giving just few words as a concept. In our case, the brief were just this words “lines and color block”. With just that premise, we made this video which tells you a love story in a surrealist esthetic, divided by three parts easily differentiated. The video features the processes that a love goes through, from the period of falling in love , going through the memories and getting to disillusion.
Special thanks to Mauro Gatti and Mutado guys!





Director, Animation & Art DirectionTAVO PhotographyPaloma Rincón StylistRebeca Lombardo ModelAloma MusicPablo Navarro ProductionToch Studio Client55dsl

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