A3 Rebrand

It was time for a renovation and Antena 3 Channel announced a pitch to dress up their main channel. One of the indications of the brief was to make a radical change over the logotype. They wanted a full rebranding proposal, and we decided to go with two different lines. The first one would keep the basic shapes of their existing logotype, just few alterations. And, the second line would be a new logotype made as the opposite form of their existing logotype.

For the first line we took the concept “reinventing Television” using the a palette of colors between yellows and reds, which were the actual colors of the channel and sub channels. We represent a transition between the normal colors and the test card and making it to a our new palette. In this way we would have multitude of possibilities of representation of the concept, as many as card types of settings.

Logo And new palette


Graphic package line 1



For the second line we used the opposite form of the actual logo, using the hole as a window we were able to show a whole different whorld through it. This new concept “one new window” would give us many possibilities to make visual effects in both campaigns for television and print campaigns.

Graphic package line 2



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