MadInSpain 11

MadinSpain is an annual event about design celebrated in Madrid, this event congregates the most well-known designers, studies, agencies and artists of all kinds of branches on the design. All of them depend on a muse, someone who inspires and that is just what we wanted to show in this video: a muse from where all kind of ideas and projects come out. Embryonic projects that are slowly taking shape, color and texture.



Aurora Australis is a especial Typeface made by us buddy Pablo Abad


Open Titles


Creative directionTavo Ponce Art direction & AnimationJuanma MotaTavo Ponce Sound DesignCypherAudio D.O.P.Pablo Albacete Typography DesignPablo Abad ModelIsolda Crossier StylistJavier Núñez Make UpRebeca Pulido D.O.P. AssistantMíriam Barral Special ThanksZenzuke Production CompanyToch Studio ClientDomestika

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