Pause Fest

Pause Fest is an event about Design, Motion and Interactive productions based in Melbourne. We worked on a especial ID for the 2012 edition, and that year, the concept of the event was the “FUTURE”. This is our vision about the future, a post-apocalyptic future. 
We will live in a destroyed, lifeless, and abandoned world. We will have to build floating cities to try to survive , but that won´t be enough. 
We represent here, how the last days of the earth will be. An earth deserted, almost lifeless, ravaged by epidemics and hopeless. In our vision there is just one alive survivor. 
This is the sad story about the future which we will have to face to if we don´t solve the problems of today.






Creative directionTavo Ponce Art direction & AnimationJuanma MotaRafael MerinoTavo Ponce Character AnimatorCamilo Guamán Sound DesignAimar Molero Production CompanyToch Studio ClientPause Festival

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